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Our softwashing service safely removes dirt, mold, and algae from your home's exterior with a low-pressure cleaning solution. Your home will look like new without any damage to the surface.
  • Home Softwashing for Prestige Construction and Cleaners in Schenectady, NY

• Roof Wash: $525 and up -- 12 month guarantee that nothing will grow on it!

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When thinking about exterior home cleaning, most people default to the traditional high-pressure power washing. However, there's a new player in town: softwashing. This method utilizes low-pressure water streams mixed with specialized deterg- ents to effectively and safely clean your home's exterior surfaces without causing damage.

One significant advantage of using softwashing is that it removes dirt, grime, algae and other unsightly buildup without damaging the surface being cleaned. High-pressure power washing can break windows or strip away paint whilst creating scratches on siding and scratching stonework whereas softwashing is powerful but gentle for surfaces.

Using a softwash system doesn't take as long as traditional power-washing thus saving you money from water costs to labor fees required for continued touch-ups.

In conclusion, using a professional Softwash cleaning service may cost more than attempting it yourself but will save you from extensive damages caused by using incorrect pressure on various surfaces resulting in additional costs for repairs. Furthermore, SOFTWASH will ensure thorough cleansing brightening up your valuable investment exponentially!


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  • out of 5 stars

    Homayon is a very reliable contractor, i have been hiring him for more than a year now for some home due repairs and renovation, including gutter installation and is the first name to come to my mind when I need to do a project

    Jose Theoktisto Schenectady, NY
  • out of 5 stars

    I saw a roadside marker advertising a business to clean roofs. I contacted the person and was very happy with his presentation and service. The cleaning lasted for 3 years. I called Homayon again to clean my roof and also asked if he did chimney work. He said Yes and provided an estimate. I had him repair the chimney and was very pleased with his workmanship. i have enjoyed a business relationship with him, but also an friendship. Homayon is respectful and kind as well as trustworthy. He is a hard worker and dedicated to doing quality work. Jacquelyn Mountain

    Jacquelyn Mountain Home Owner
  • out of 5 stars

    Truly exceeded my expectations on all fronts. Follow up and follow through were reassuring and matched the quality job(s): Front gutter replacement repair using seamless gutter, replacement of leaf filter on entire house and designing and implementing a roof water gushing restrictor baffle setup. Agaim, Im relieved and happy Thank You Homuyan

    Skelton L Schenectady, NY

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