Blog The Prestige Touch: Expert Tips for Maintaining a Pristine Exterior Throughout the Seasons Apr 18, 2024

As the seasons change, so do the challenges that come with maintaining the exterior of your home. At Prestige Construction and Cleaners, we understand the importance of keeping your property looking pristine year-round. That's why we've put together these expert tips to help you maintain a beautiful exterior throughout the seasons. Whether you're dealing with snow in the winter or sun damage in the summer, the Prestige touch will keep your home looking its best.


1. Remove snow regularly: To prevent damage to your roof and gutters, make sure to remove snow buildup after each snowfall. 2. Check for ice dams: Ice dams can cause water damage to your roof, so keep an eye out for them and address them promptly. 3. Protect outdoor furniture: Store outdoor furniture and equipment in a shed or garage to prevent damage from snow and cold temperatures.


1. Inspect your roof: Check for any damage or missing shingles that may have occurred during the winter months. 2. Clean your gutters: Clear out any debris from your gutters to ensure proper drainage as the rainy season approaches. 3. Pressure wash your siding: Remove any dirt or grime that has built up over the winter with a thorough pressure washing.


1. Inspect and repair deck or patio: Check for any loose boards or nails and make any necessary repairs to keep your outdoor living space safe and functional. 2. Trim trees and bushes: Keep your landscaping tidy and prevent overgrowth that can block windows or pathways. 3. Monitor for signs of sun damage: Look for fading or peeling paint on your exterior surfaces and address it before it becomes a bigger issue.


1. Clean and store outdoor furniture: Prepare for the colder months by cleaning your outdoor furniture and storing it properly. 2. Seal cracks and gaps: Prevent drafts and water leaks by sealing any cracks in your exterior walls or foundation. 3. Schedule a professional inspection: Have a professional from Prestige Construction and Cleaners inspect your property for any potential issues before the harsh winter weather sets in.

By following these expert tips for maintaining a pristine exterior throughout the seasons, you can ensure that your home remains beautiful and well-protected all year long. Trust the Prestige touch to keep your property in top condition, no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.

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